System Case Study
The following case study demonstrates the potential savings currently available to customers with $200 electric bills in the Southern California Edison service area. Higher electric bills result in even better savings. Contact us for a detailed assessment of how much you can save!
Solar Case Study:

Current energy bill: $200/mo (SCE)
Current home energy use: 950 kWh/mo

System Size: 4.5 KW
System Price: $33,400
Less Rebates & Credits: $10,100
Net System Cost: $23,300

Energy Bill Reduction: -80% over life of system

Home Value Increase: ~ $18,700 – 37,500 in year one according to an Appraisal Institute study.

Net Savings: $77,300 if not financed;
$63,100 including financing costs. See Graph to the right for Annual Cash flows with financing.

Assumes: 7.5% 30 yr financing, 35% income tax rate, 6% utility rate escalation, average Los Angeles solar availability
Cumulative Net Savings (After Tax) With Financing
Module Warranty Period
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